With the worldwide CoVID-19 crisis kyboshing any opportunities of regular runs in parks, the first ever Laceby Beck parkONE took place this morning, a Saturday, at 9am.

Thankfully word gout out to the regular tourists to stay away, so the team weren’t inundated with runners and could keep a well managed event.

Laceby Beck parkONE
The Event Director addressed the crowd of runners.

After a welcome speech, lasting little more than a minute, and with due consideration for the seriousness of the occasion, the ED, set the all the runner off at exactly 9am

The course is a single lapper, with six bridges, running alongside the river and a small pond. There are a couple of places that would make it unsuitable for regular parkrunning, which will become clear later.

Laceby Beck parkONE
First Bridge

The runner started to spread out quite early, and he was soon in his pace. After a slightly muddy first couple of hundred metres he got to the first bridge, and out into farmland.

The running surface after the first bridge was a bit better, gravel rather than mud, and in clear weather with a brisk breeze, the runner was having a wonderful time.

Laceby Beck parkONE
Lovely weather to run alongside a pond.

There were surprisingly few people out, and by the second bridge the runner made sure to thank the supporter out on the course, who seemed to only actually be walking a dog.

Laceby Beck parkONE
Second Bridge

After the second bridge the course turned right onto a narrow path alongside the river. The course was relatively clear and the runner was easily able to run one abreast.

Unlike the other local parkruns, there were a couple of features which make Laceby Beck parkONE unique.

Laceby Beck parkONE

Ploughed fields

Laceby Beck parkONE

and a stile.

The next bit of route was unconventional, as it was alongside a road and there were a couple of driveways crossing. The runner needed to keep his wits about him at that point before turning off onto the Freshney Parkway.

A right turn brought bridge number three, over the Freshney, and onto some well tarmacked and wide path, with a couple of supporters with dogs on the route to thank.

Laceby Beck parkONE
Look out for other park users

Looking out for the other park users, the runner continued onto the final mile, alongside a large duckpond, along a good gravel path, and over one more bridge

Laceby Beck parkONE

A right turn took the runner onto the final stretch, a good gravel path where he could have easily passed other runners while putting in a strong final effort.

Laceby Beck parkONE
The crowd all putting in a strong final effort
Laceby Beck parkONE
Final Stretch

A final kick into the finish saw all the runner finish in about 30 minutes, and then go off for coffee.

Laceby Beck parkONE
Don’t forget your barcode.

Final Results:

Laceby Beck parkONE. Event #1

  1. 29:59 Darren ROWE [PB]
Laceby Beck parkONE

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