The friendly little events on the Lincolnshire Coast.

Vigilantes Running was born out of a desire to see fun, accessible, and not-at-all to be taken-too-seriously marathons in a quiet corner of England, where until now, such races just didn’t exist. There’s a great community of long-distance runners “over here”, but no events for us to enjoy. Of course, we welcome runners from everywhere to come and join us in our little corner of England, to enjoy our coast and to sample our hospitality.

Fair Runner Policy

I've been having a think. Some of you who know me will have seen that I've had to cancel a few races recently. I signed up for them a year ago.

Thankfully, some of those race organisers have allowed me to transfer my entry to someone else. The offshoot of this is that I will be entering those events in the future.

Relay filling up!

Good news for the relay. Currently we have 7 teams entered.

I had set a limit of 10 teams for the relay. The marathon runners appreciate the company and the atmosphere, so it is something I'm keen to encourage, but I'm keen to get runners in to run the full marathon on one or both days.

I've set a basic limit based on the total number of runners finishing that I feel I can handle. This is a flexible feast if I can get support on the finish line.

Would you prefer to enter by post?

Some folk have reported a few issues navigating the new website. I don't want you to be left out, so I'll take good-old paper-based entries for the Maravan as well. It actually saves you a couple of quid in PayPal fees.

If you'd prefer to enter the relays or half by post, let me know and I'll sort a form out...

Course Map

Following a couple of requests, here's the map of the course.

It's 7 laps, starting and finishing in roughly the same place (I'll go out and run it myself with a GPS to triple-check).

For those of you who ran last year, I'm pretty certain I can take the first little sprint from Spar to the finish line out and still get 26.2.


Photos of the Course

Thanks to Sarah McFadzean who reccied the course prior to winning day 2 last year.

Entries now open

The Vigilantes Maravan festival of running is now open for entries.

We have already had a good number of last year's entrants who have pre-registered for this year, but there are still spaces available in every event.

There are two days of marathon running, plus a relay race on the Saturday and a half marathon on the Sunday.

Remember, the more people that enter, the more I can spend on the goody bag and the medal. So it'd be great if you could encourage your friends and clubmates to join us for a fun weekend of running, larks and caravans.

Permit Number ARC 15/173

Now fully insured, with an ARC permit

Thanks to the pre-entries in the less than 12 hours that entries have been open, I've earnt enough to submit the application for the permit. The next target is, of course, the medal...


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